Scholarship Description


The Darah Farris Scholarship Fund


Darah Farris attended King School, Our Lady of the Elms (2007) and the University of Akron.  In celebration of her life and legacy, Her parents George (UA classes of 1971, 1972, 1975, and 1981) and Debbie; and sister, D. Maureen (UA Class of 2009, 2018) created the Darah Farris Scholarship Fund.

Darah was admired by her family, friends and peers for how she treated everyone equally with dignity and love.  She was a loyal friend and classmate that you could rely upon with confidence.

Her passion was teaching inner city children in the Greater Akron Area who she considered privileged.  Darah touched many lives in her role as teacher, mentor and caregiver.  They loved her unconditionally, as she loved them and because of her their lives will be enriched as  they will be a well-prepared future generation.

The Darah Farris Scholarship Fund awards last dollars, tuition, books, and/or fees to candidates meeting the criteria established and deemed appropriate by The Darah Farris Scholarship Fund Committee.  Students in the Greater Akron Area, with preference given to students residing in the 44306 area code are eligible to apply.  Preference will be given to students with diverse backgrounds that are pursuing their college degrees as first- generation college students.  Diversity factors that will be considered include: (1) urban area residency; (2) evidence of leadership ability; (3) family income; (4) involvement in extracurricular activities; (5) achievement in spite of difficult personal or family situations; (6) completion of special projects or programs that offer evidence of significant effort and accomplishment; and (7) community involvement and volunteerism.  Students must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50.  The Darah Farris Memorial Scholarship recipient applications shall be reviewed and selected by the committee, and reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid.  Selections shall be approved by D. Maureen Farris.


This scholarship was established in 2013 through gifts made to the scholarship in honor of the life and legacy of Darah Farris, and University of Akron student leader.  Additional contributions are welcome from friends and alumni who wish to provide support for the purposes of this scholarship.


Contributions to The Darah Farris Memorial Scholarship are to be directed to and managed in an account with The University of Akron Foundation, tax-exempt receiving agent, Akron, OH 44325-2603.

The funds shall be held by The University of Akron Foundation and administered at the discretion of the family or their designee.


Attorney George L. Farris, Deborah B. Farris, D. Maureen Farris, and Mr. Timothy R. DuFore


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