Different Kind of Christmas



We are gearing up for a different kind of Christmas.  Our first one without Darah there to wake us up, urge us to open presents, get frustrated with slow unwrapping, and to make her famous humous for our family dinner.  As we forge forward, each day closer to this day, we have a special request.  Here is a note from mom…

Its the little things that get ya’.
We decided not to put up a tree.
We decided not to send Christmas cards.
We did put the wreath on the door and we lit the outside tree – Darah’s REAL tree.
But it is when I thought about the stockings that I cried. I can’t not put up Darah’s stocking.
So I thought I would like to fill it with something.
Letters to Darah.
If you would like to send a letter to Darah – we will put it in her stocking.
If you want us to read it we will – If you want it to be private we will symbollically send it to Darah by throwing it in the fireplace. you can email the letter to dbfarris@aol.com, Facebook message the letter, or snail mail the letter to 555 Woodside Drive, Akron, OH 44303

In order to respect your wishes please mark on the envelope what you would like for us to do with your letter.

Please help us fill Darah’s stocking this year.
Love – The Farris Family

One thought on “Different Kind of Christmas

  1. This is a beautiful idea. The thought of not getting a Farris Family Christmas photo breaks my heart in two. I’ll be personally delivering mine before Christmas! I love you guys!

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