Darah Farris Memorial Scholarship Annual Fundraiser

darah pro am

I have so many happy memories set under the hot sun on the golf course with Darah and our family.  Wish as he may, dad’s dreams of us becoming golfers never came to fruition.  We could be found either lathered in oil by the pool or driving the golf carts around the course (in all the wrong places-you can drive on the putting green, right?).  In the most famous of all golf cart stories, dad handed the cart over to Darah at the ripe young age of 4.  She did not waver at the opportunity to drive, but she did not make it very far, swiftly running into a ball washer and denting the golf cart.  This would foreshadow an imperfect driving record that Darah would grow up to aquire-but that’s for another post.

Please consider joining us on September 26th in celebration of Darah’s birthday and in an effort to raise money for The Darah Farris Memorial Scholarship.  See the flyer above for details and please note that dinner and awards will follow the Pro-Am.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are deeply thankful for the love and support that you show us each and every day.  We can’t wait to continue celebrating Darah’s life and legacy with you

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