A Different Type of Stocking Stuffer…

Darah celebrates Christmas with Karter

Darah celebrates Christmas with Karter


As Christmas comes closer, the loss of Darah feels more raw than usual.  The thought of her stocking hanging empty haunts us as we anticipate this day.

Last year, you all blessed us with so many letters to her that we used to fill her stocking. Our whole family sat in our living room and read the letters with each other.  Your words brought our Darah into the room.  We were so comforted by the time and love that you put into this act of service.

This year, we ask the same of the  people in our circles, communities, and support systems.  If you so choose, for your healing or for ours, we would cherish a letter to fill Darah’s stocking.

If you would like to send a letter to Darah – we will put it in her stocking.
If you want us to read it we will – If you want it to be private we will symbollically send it to Darah by throwing it in the fireplace. You can email the letter to dbfarris@aol.com, Facebook message the letter, or snail mail the letter to 555 Woodside Drive, Akron, OH 44303.

In order to respect your wishes please mark on the envelope “private” or “do not open” if you wish for your words to remain between you and Darah.

“The writing becomes a map, a note left on a tree, a rock formation at a fork in the path, a cry in the distance saying ‘this way’.”

– Unknown –

Please help us fill Darah’s stocking this year.
Love always,

The Farris Family

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